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Do you have a question about our services or products? We have all the answers you need. Our professional mechanics are here to guide you. If you have specific questions about your car battery and other car related issues, simply pick up the phone and dial 8671-8674 if you need more information.

Tips for Car Owners Prior to Engaging QuickFix Car Battery Replacement Services

Do you provide warranty for your battery?

Yes! All batteries comes with warranty for the car batteries we replace, and we will make our way down to you to do a 1-on-1 exchange. Do not fret!

* But do note that all petrol powered vehicles comes with a 1-year warranty while diesel powered vehicles come with only a 6-months warranty, and is mainly against manufacturer’s defects.

Now that my car can’t start, how would I know if it’s a car battery issue and not something else? I’m confused!

The tell tale signs are:
(1) if you hear a collection of clicking sounds, or
(2) no sound when you try to start your engine / crank your car or truck, or
(3) the battery was last changed in more than a year ago